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Things you should not pack during the move

selecting a reliable San Jose moving company

Moving from one place to another is marked with the tiring process of packing all your belongings. Some people may decide it all by themselves while others would rely upon the San Jose moving for moving and packing solutions. If you are hiring a professional moving company, they would take care of the packing, moving,

unpacking tasks. But if you are planning to do it yourself, keep in mind certain things before you kick start the process.

The basic plan involved in packing would be to pack every item in packing boxes. But keep in mind that not everything in your home should be packed up in boxes to move to your new home. Even if you are taking the help of San Jose movers, rules and regulations forbid the

movers to transport certain things from moving. Some of the belongings should not be moved yourself while some others should not be taken with you at all for safety reasons. Mostly the professional moving company would know the basic rules regarding the moving items. You can ask them for help before packing.

It is highly recommended that you dispose the hazardous materials and never pack them up in boxes for movers to take to your new home. The transportation of hazardous materials is illegal and dangerous and movers are forbidden from doing it. You can give them off to the neighbors or can contact the local waste management center, recycling company or some environmental protection agency to find ways to dispose them. By hazardous materials it means you cannot take flammable, corrosive and explosive items like acids, fireworks, pesticides, poisons etc.

The movers would not pack and move perishable items like plants, foods and animals. They are known as perishable items since they easily spoil, die or suffer damages if they are not specially cared during the transit. Usually movers would not take the responsibility of perishable items but they make an exception if it is for a local move of 150 miles and within 24 hour drive away.

Some moving companies however agree to transport perishables like food and plants if they are properly packed and if it is a local move. If the perishable food or plants are moved across a state line, there may be restrictions. Some of the agricultural states have strict rules about bringing in plants and fruit into their state. Before moving with perishable items, it is better to call the US department of agriculture and clarify the doubts.