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Packing Guide

Packing Guide

Los Angeles Mover offers partial and full service packing relieving you of all the stresses involved in your move. You can rest assured that your belongings will be packed and protected by trained professionals. As you can see below, our boxes come in all different strengths and sizes to help ensure a safe and efficient move. Your relocation consultant will recommend the appropriate cartons based on your needs.

1.5 Cu. Ft. Carton - Small carton for heavy items, such as books and records and 3.0 Cu. Ft. Carton - Medium utility carton often used for pots and pans, toys, etc.. Mirror Carton - Several sizes of telescoping cartons to fit most any picture, mirror, or glass and Mattress Cover - Available in queen/king, double, single (twin), and crib. One each is needed for mattress and box springs and Dish pack (or "China Barrel") - Heavy duty carton used for china and dishes, crystal and glassware, and other fragile items and Wardrobe Carton - A "portable closet" that keeps clothes hanging and 4.5 Cu. Ft. Carton - For bulky items, such as linens, towels, or toys

Spartan Packing Guides

Good packing means

  • Wrapping items carefully
  • Using sturdy cartons that can be closed
  • Making sure to pack firm boxes that will not rattle, bulge outwards or bend inwards
  • Providing plenty of cushion to absorb shock
  • Limiting the weight of boxes, where possible, to 50 pounds to make handling easier

Basic Rules of Packing

  • Pack similar items together
  • Do not pack delicate china in the carton with iron frying pans, for example
  • Start with out of season items. Next pack those items used infrequently. Leave until last the items that you need until moving day
  • Keep pairs and sets of things together
  • For example curtain rod hangers, mirror bolts, and other small hardware items should be placed in plastic or cloth bags and taped or tied to the item which they belong

Packing Tips

  • Empty drawers with breakables, or anything that would puncture or damage other items. However blankets, sweaters, towels and other lightweight goods may be left in drawers
  • Wrap items individually in clean paper; use tissue paper, newsprint, paper towels or even facial tissues. Colored paper will draw attention to very small items and Wind electrical cords, fastening them so that they won't tangle. Pack the boxes in layers with the heaviest items on the bottom, less heavier items next and lighter items on top. Avoid overloading the carton, but strive for a firm pack which will keep articles from shifting. The cover should close easily without forcing but should not bend inward. Seal all cartons tightly with packing tape and Label any boxes that you will need immediately at the new house "unpack first"