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To Whom It May Concern:

I acquired the services of Hibernian Movers on May 14, 2006 and would like to express the professional manner in which they handled our move. They were timely and efficient and portrayed an “all work – no play” attitude throughout the duration of their services; and yet still had a friendly welcome.

I moved to a third floor apartment in an old house with a very narrow staircase and none of my furniture was damaged in the move. I would also like to include the profound efforts on their part in handling the horrible weather conditions we encountered. There were torrential down pours the day we moved and not one piece of my furniture was wet or affected by the rain due to their efforts. I set up the move and quotation with David, the company’s owner, and the quote I was given was the price they stuck to in the end. There were no “hidden surprises” when it came to the final billing.

I feel quite confident in recommending their services to anyone.


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To anyone out there. Dave and his team helped me move this last summer. His team was fantastic. They showed up on time, with all the material they needed to help us finish packing the last few things. The team was great, they simply worked hard and got the job done. They were careful with everything and everything got, loaded driven 100 miles and delivered all in a day. I would use them again and from this letter is should be clear I recommend them to my friends.


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This past summer we had a large move on our hands and we needed professional help. I contacted Hibernian and they were able to come the day I wanted and they had one of the best rates around for the distance of or move (over 30 miles). The crew showed up on time and took their time to assess everything that had to go before they put a single item on the truck. After they decided on the best way to load up the truck their plan kicked into high gear. The movers packed and wrapped everything extremely well; nothing got damaged in the move. Also, they loaded the truck fast. They weren't ones to take their time because they could, or just to lengthen things to get more time on the clock. The crew was efficient and fast while also never pushing their limits or taking a risk and potentially damaging something.

The move in to our new home was just as smooth. They cared to ask which room each item should be in and made sure when they took off the padding and moving blankets that they were as careful as possible with each item. Our new condo is on the second/third floor of a home which didn't make it any easier on them yet they still continued with the same fervor as they did at pick up. We were very pleased with Hibernian and although we do not plan to move for a long time, if by chance we have to we would definitely be calling on their service again.


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Dear David,

I wanted to thank you for a job well done back in May and Aug of last year.

I know I didn't make the move in August easy, with the many time and date changes I made at the last second. I appreciate your willingness to accommodate me. You were not only there on time, you were professional, courteous and efficient. I don't plan on moving anytime soon but if I do - you will be my first call. Also - if I have any friends that plan on moving, I will give them your information. If any of your future customers are looking for a reference, please feel free to use me as a reference.