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Terms and Condition

General Terms

Terms of Estimate

The estimate that you receive for a local / hourly move is a non-binding, general idea of how long the move will take based on the factors of the move under normal conditions. Any time over the estimate will be charged accordingly. We do our best to estimate the time frame based on the information provided. The actual move may take longer than the estimated time based on factors not disclosed, an insufficient inventory list, greater walking distance, traffic, and other unforeseen factors. We ask that clients are packed and ready to go unless the estimate includes packing services.
For Long Distance or Flat Rate quotes, pricing is an all inclusive guaranteed Flat Fees as described in the order of service. There are zero hidden fees associated with our services. Please note that should there be changes to inventory, load / unload conditions, # of pick ups or drop offs, that your quote is subject to change. If everything is as described, there will be no changes to your price.
If you have elected additional services that charge by the hour, additional fees will apply.

Estimates and Billing:

  • Although Spartan Moving Systems always tries to meet the scheduled start time, it is impossible to predict all of the possible variables, such as traffic and the duration of the previous move. Therefore, Spartan Moving Systems cannot discount late arrivals.
  • Local moves are billed by the hour consisting of the hourly rate, travel/truck fee, and the anticipated time range of the move. The clock starts when we arrive on site and ends when you are satisfied with the placement of your belongings in your new residence. Long distance and piece moves are billed at a flat rate. This is not an exhaustive list of fees. Additional fees may also apply.
  • An hourly estimate is a non-binding, general idea of how long a move will take under normal conditions. The actual move may take more time than estimated due to an insufficient inventory list, greater number of boxes, size and difficulty of moving certain items, greater distance, traffic, weather, undisclosed details, access to elevators/loading docks, and other unforeseen factors.
  • All downtime is billable (waiting for elevator setup, property key holder is late, etc.) A flat fee/rate is a binding Estimate and will not change so as long as your inventory and access details are accurate.
  • In the event of loss or damage, all items are covered under released valuation (rate varies by state), unless Client opts for full valuation in writing prior to the start of the move at an additional cost.


Afternoon and evening moves do not have fixed start times. They will vary depending on when previous moves are finished.
We kindly request that the Client is available two hours prior to and after the scheduled move time.

Furniture and Packing Care:

  • Spartan Moving Systems will not be held responsible for damages to items the Client chooses to not have padded and/or shrink wrapped.
  • Spartan Moving Systems will not be held responsible for damages to items or property when the Client chooses to have force applied to items during course of move.
  • Spartan Moving Systems does it?s best to point out previous furniture damage, and can not be held responsible for any item that is damaged prior to moving.
  • Due to a lack of structural integrity, Spartan Moving Systems is not liable for damage that occurs to any furniture made of pressed wood or particleboard.
  • Spartan Moving Systems will not be held responsible for damages to items within boxes not packed by Suburban Solutions unless physical damage is done to the box during the move.
  • Spartan Moving Systems will not be held responsible for large (8 sq. ft. or greater) fragile items that are required to be created in order to move the item safely (ie: works of art/statues, slabs of marble/granite, panes of glass/mirrors, etc.). If Client should choose to have Spartan Moving Systems move such item it will be at Client?s risk.
  • Client must notify Spartan Moving Systems of any items of extraordinary value ($100 per pound or greater) that will be handled by Spartan Moving Systems. These items must be packed by Spartan Moving Systems or by the Client in the presence of the Spartan Moving Systems crew. These items must be explicitly listed on the Bill of Lading and acknowledged by Spartan Moving Systems and Client via signatures.
  • All fragile items must be packed and labeled appropriately. Spartan Moving Systems reserves the right to pack any items not already packed and will charge the Client for time and materials. Spartan Moving Systems is not responsible for any items the client chooses not to have boxed.


It is the Client?s responsibility to be packed and ready to go on moving day, unless they are using our packing services. Extra charges/time may apply if the Client is not packed or is still packing.
Scheduling elevator times is the Client?s responsibility prior to the day of the move.
Any changes to the Client?s move (additional items or boxes, location changes, etc.) should be brought to Spartan Moving Systems attention as early as possible. Failure to do so may result in the move taking longer than the estimated time frame.
Client must notify Spartan Moving Systems if a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required by the buildings they are moving out of and into as soon as possible, but at least 72 hours in advance of move.