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7 to 2 days before you move

Packing all your stuff's, anyway is not possible till the day you leave, so think and pack your goods. All your daily needs that is your daily wear(clothing) can be packed on the day of moving, same goes to your toiletries , your make up kit, mirrors and many more things which you will have to be using every day. Make sure you remove all the other mirrors except for one or two and pack them safe.

Other breakable things like your crockery's and your glass wares can be packed two three days before, leaving just one or two bowls, plates and spoons for your daily use. Make sure you pack your important electronic and electrical goods like your television set, home theatre, water heater, chimney, vacuum cleaner and so on. You can anyway stay without them for 2 or 3 days, so pack them before hand, since it is very important and should be handled with care.

Two Days Before Moving

So two three days before your long distance movers, you should have packed almost all, leaving just the essential things which are mentioned earlier. Your last minute packing should be just your clothes what you have been using that is your night wear and your toiletries and few other things.