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Things to Know About Self Storage Facilities


Storage services are usually availed by people who move to a new destination for a shorter period of time. Sometimes people who want to keep their belongings in the warehouse until they furnish their new home would also take the storage services from moving companies. In some other cases if someone is relocating

to a distant place for a long time, they could not take some of the belongings like antiques, art works etc with them. Such things cannot be sold for its emotional and financial values. In such cases too, customers would depend on self storage facilities offered by San Jose movers.

The regular self storage facilities may not offer proper safety of valuable goods. Here comes the relevance of having climate controlled self storage services so that the things are intact over a period of time. The climate controlled self storage units would be equipped with expensive instruments for air conditioning and heating, thermostatic and insulation as well as humidity control. Hence they are more expensive than the regular storage services. There are usually three types of self storage services; temperature controlled, humidity controlled and both temperature and humidity controlled. These storage units offered by the Spartan moving systems are less prone to dust and are better isolated.

In order to protect the stored items from moths and insects, the temperature at the temperature controlled storage units are usually kept at 50-75 degrees. This type of storage units is particularly good for expensive furniture, fur etc. in humidity controlled storage units, the relative humidity is maintained at 55 or less. For preserving valuable items like antique and art works it is important to restrict the mold and mildew growth. So humidity is maintained in such places. The security of the belongings at the storage houses would be maintained 24 hours with the help of modern surveillance equipments like CCTV, touch alarms etc. Pest control activities are also maintained at a regular basis so that there would not be rat, termite or bugs infestation.

The items that are generally kept at the storage places would be paper products like important documents, electronic appliances like refrigerators, freezers, computer parts, musical instruments that have metal and wooden parts in like piano, expensive rugs, carpets and mattresses, antique furniture, art work, fur and leather products etc. Before the items are kept at the storage facility of the San Jose Movers, they should be properly packed so that there are no chances of ruining.