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Packing tips for a smooth local move

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Planning is the key for ensuring a smooth move. The first step in local moving would be packing the household things. If you don?t want to indulge in the hassles of moving, you can be wise and take the help from the San Jose moving. On the other hand, if you are planning to DIY, keep the following packing tips in mind.

Packing and labeling tips

First of all you have to be ready with items like moving boxes, marking pen, bubble wrap, newspapers, tape, scissors and tape measure. Buy strong boxes and containers that can be secured tightly. Fragile items like chinaware should be kept in special boxes. It is better to pack electronic equipments in their original boxes itself. Remember to label each cable and tighten transit screws. It is not good to load more than 50 pounds into a box.

Each box should be labeled with the following information like which room it should go, if it is fragile and if it should be loaded first or last. It is important to cushion the contents in every box with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or newspapers. You can save room by using towels and blankets as cushioning items. Remember to pack medicine in a leak proof container. It is wise to carry all valuables with you than packing them separately.

Tips for packing boxes

Be sure about the cartons that you use to pack the items. You can either buy the cartons or get the used ones form friends or acquaintances who have moved recently. But it should be in a usable condition. Start collecting the moving boxes at least one month before the scheduled move. Keep aside small cartons for packing heavy items like books, record albums, and canned food etc. special boxes are available for packing things like framed pictures, clocks and mattresses.

For a local move, there is no need to pack certain items such as mirrors, large pictures and mattresses. These things would be handled carefully by the San Jose movers that you hire for moving. But such items are securely packed for long distance moving and also if they are moving into storage. Make sure to pack the lamps and lamp shades.

Packing may seem to be a very hectic task if you think from the perspective of the entire house. But it can be eased if you can pack one room at a time. It means the overall task has been divided and it becomes manageable. Set a goal for each day like packing dining room today, kitchen tomorrow etc.