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An overview of the moving company estimate

An overview of the moving company estimate

While you are planning for a moving, you would be worried about the moving cost for obvious reasons. First you have to decide if you would be doing a self moving or hiring a San Francisco moving companies for all your moving needs. This would play a significant role in deciding how the moving estimate would be. If you are planning to take services from a moving company, then you must how the company prepares the moving estimates. This would help you to consider all the factors and plan the move well without paying extra amount to the movers than required.

The moving estimate exclusively depends upon the type of move i.e. local or long distance movers and also the type of services that the customer takes from the moving company. A local moving is categorized as a move under 50 miles and is generally based upon the number of crew members that will be required for the job at a flat hourly rate per worker. This would determine the moving estimate for local moving. When it comes to the long distance moving, the estimate would be based on the weight of the shipment and also the types of services that the client needs.

In certain cases, the moving company would offer a non-binding moving estimate with a guaranteed discount if the client cannot specify the quantity of household goods involved in the transit. On the other hand, the client would get a guaranteed price or a not to exceed price estimate if he is able to point out the exact size of the moving goods.

Sometimes the client would be in need for some additional services from the San Jose movers. Such additional services would be charged extra in the estimate. The estimate would include costs of packing boxes and other packing supplies and labor to pack and unpack if the movers are providing packing services. In case of specialty packing like the ones involving piano moving, art work or fragile items, then that cost of special boxes would also be included.

The transportation charges would be calculated based on origin and destination service charge and also the weight of the shipment. Sometimes the estimate would also include the third party charges and also the fuel surcharges levied by the trucking industry based on the transportation costs. Even though insurance related surcharges are included in the estimate, it would not offer protection against lost or damaged goods.