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FMCSA 2012-2016 strategic plan

The 2012-2016 Strategic Plan presents a new complete direction to focus its efforts on outreach, oversight, and enforcement possessions directed at the entire CMV transportation life-cycle. It establishes a framework that places protection as the highest priority and employs three core ethics:

  • Raising the bar to way in
  • Requiring upholding high security standards
  • Removing high threat carriers and drivers

The Agency will carry on to strengthen its Federal, State and local partnerships; reach out to all stakeholders, the public, industry and associated associations, victims and advocacy groups, in order to get rid of severe crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving CMVs, thereby, achieving a safer transportation environment.

The commercial motor vehicle industry (CMV) is a very important part of the Nation's economic strength and security. Commercial trucks and buses are an essential part of everyday life and livable communities. The Agency's aim is to make our roadways safer for the public and the CMV industry.