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The essential moving equipments needed for self movers

selecting a reliable San Jose moving company

Moving involves a large number of tools and equipments that would make the process easy and risk free. You do not have to worry about any kind of moving equipment and tools for a smooth moving experience if you are hiring a reliable Los Angeles Mover. But the problem arises when you are planning for a self move and take a rental

truck for moving all your belongings to the new destination. You would surely feel the need to have some moving equipment as heavy furniture and other valuables require special handling while moving. Therefore it becomes a necessary for the self mover for renting moving equipment because you may be moving your sofa, king size bed or even some antique furniture ahead.

You must try to rent the following moving equipment before you decide to drive the rental truck to the new place.

Moving dolly

If you are moving heavy furniture as well as packed moving boxes, the moving dolly would be of great use. There are two types of dollies and based on your specific needs, you can rent furniture dolly or utility dolly. The utility dolly has an upright structure with two wheels which is used to stack and move several boxes at a time. This saves a lot of time as well as effort during loading the boxes onto the truck. Moreover chances are rare that a box containing fragile items would be dropped if you are using a dolly. On the other hand the furniture dolly would have a large flat base and four wheels. For moving large and sensitive items like televisions and other heavy items, it would help a lot. All you have to do is to make sure that the heavy items are well packed before loading them on rented moving dolly.

Ask friends or neighborsMoving blankets

For protecting valuable furniture pieces from spills, dust and any other spoiling materials, you can wrap them in moving blankets. This can save you from all the cleaning expenses that you might have to face later. Hence it is a wise idea to rent moving blankets.

Moving boxes

Renting moving boxes may sound new but it is indeed a good idea to take moving boxes especially if you are planning for a budget moving. The rental company would deliver the moving boxes as well as related moving supplies like packing tape and bubble wrap based on your requirements. You can keep the boxes for specified time and can return it to them when the moving is done.

All the hullabaloos related to self moving can easily be avoided if you are hiring a reliable and reputed moving company in san jose moving like spartan moving company. They would pack and move your items with utmost responsibility.