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5 tips in selecting a reliable San Jose moving company

selecting a reliable San Jose moving company

You have finally sold your home and are all set to move to a new destination. Now all you need is to move your stuff from one home to the new place. So, how do you plan to choose a reliable moving company? The moving industry is quite complicated and finding a reliable moving company in San Jose is not easy. At Spartan

moving systems, you can be ensured about the quality and efficiency at which your things would be moved. The following are some tips in finding a reputed and responsible moving company.

Check the moving companies' website

Most of the moving companies would have a website in which they list their services, service history, destinations they will move to, and roughly how much it will cost. From here you will get the necessary background information about the San Jose movers. There is also an option to ask questions regarding your concerns as the websites would provide their contact information like email address etc.

Ask friends or neighbors

Most people you know must have moved at least once or twice in their lives. So you can easily take experience advice from your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to suggest a moving company. You can also seek advice for companies that should be avoided from the list.

Find out if any of the companies in your list have generated any reports. What you would find there would be information regarding any grievances filed and if the company managed to resolve it successfully on time. Analyze the report carefully and find if the company has given satisfactory response.

Verify the DOT number

Go to the website of US department of transportation and find out if the San Jose mover you are planning to hire has a Department Of Transportation/ DOT number. The number ensures that the company is registered with transportation department. If something goes wrong, you have the option to go legal settlements.

Confirm the insurance coverage

You have to essentially ensure that the company is bonded and insured. You would surely don?t want anything to happen to your belongings or want to get all the stuff stolen. So you need to confirm about the insurance coverage offered by the company. Also, find out if the workers are insured as well.