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Comparison of moving to the world's a stage

All the world’s a stage, it is a phrase of William Shakespeare and in this he catalogues the seven stages of mans life. Ok, you may have a doubt such as how it is possible to compare the moving to this. Yes we can compare it and let us see it. Infancy, childhood, lover, soldier, justice, old age and mental dementia are the seven stages in life. As how we play those stages in our real life, we will play the same role, but in different aspects in moving process. Please understand in a way such that the first one is the replica of Shakespeare’s words and the second one is the comparison of people in moving.

Infancy: In this stage, we are the infant who completely depends on others.

Infancy: Similarly, at the starting stage of our moving needs, we are the infants who completely depend on the local movers.

Childhood: In this stage, he begins to go to school and he is not strong enough to make own decisions.

Childhood: We also search for the small movers and at this stage, we are not strong enough to find a good mover.

Lover: In this stage, the human tries to express his feeling and emotions through songs or through some cultural activity.

Lover: It is a stage, we express our feelings and emotions of searching the good movers to our friends and relatives.

Soldier: In this stage, he gains reputation for himself and try to gain recognition.

Soldier: Once you got some ideas about the moving companies, you begin to think more about the other facilities provided by them and try to find the best one through the knowledge you acquire about them.

Justice: In this stage, the human gains prosperity and social status and try to enjoy the finer things of the life through the experience he gained.

Justice: You would have gained prosperity and social status so you would be definitely looking for good moving company. And now you are in a stage where you have gained full information about the moving firms and their services.

Old age: We lose our charm- both physical and mental and the human shrinks in stature and personality.

Old age: Similarly we loose our attraction in the companies that are not capable of doing the moving needs in a proper way.

Mental dementia: In Shakespeare play, this is a stage where the human again depends upon others as a child as how he depends on his first stage.

Mental dementia: So we have crossed these stages and still if we didn’t find a good local movers, then we are again like a child who needs to depend upon others for this process.

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