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Ricky was in vacation after completing his elementary examination. Lisa, Ricky's mom was a home maker. One fine day Ricky's dad Mr. Thomas rushed to home with a happy news.

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His hands were filled with candies and sweets and his face was totally drenched with happiness.

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Ricky and his mom were just waiting to hear out any words that Thomas could spell out.

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Thomas then disclosed the cheerful thing that he had been promoted to the higher grade in his office. And soon he was supposed move to Nevada to his new work place. Also Thomas was not sure about his return time.

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Ricky felt happy that his dad had been promoted yet he was cheerless since Thomas had to move out of station. Feel of missing suffered him a lot. Things were packed and Thomas was about to leave.

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Sooner he stepped out. He found tears in Ricky's eyes. Thomas couldn't take it since Ricky was his beloved son. Though they tried to convince him, Ricky couldn't bring himself up.

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Hence, Thomas and Lisa came to a conclusion. All they decided was to their entire family to Nevada. Accommodation was not a deal since Thomas was offered a guest house to live there.

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The only thing they needed now was to go good professional movers. Lisa searched online whereas Thomas consulted all his friends to choose a good Los Angeles movers in San Jose moving company area.

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What a surprise, they both opted for Marin Movers since Spartan Moving Company's review at yelp, city search were awesome all well proved customer satisfaction. They called up them and the move was fixed on the same day. The movers came on time and packed everything as per instructed.

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In spite the move was a long distance movers; all their items were delivered without any scrap. Ricky got admission in a new and better school at Nevada and Lisa and Thomas was happy in turn. Life was happy then.

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